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Fujifilm Sökare VF-X21 för 21/28 mm

Art.nr 40922130
Pris1 490
Grundpris2 490
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Vad vill du veta om Fujifilm Sökare VF-X21 för 21/28 mm?



Fin ljusstark sökare till din kamera. Perfekt för brännvidder på 21 eller 28 mm, som på t ex Ricoh GR Digital eller GR II / GR III, Fujifilm x70, Nikon Coolpix A eller kanske din Leica. Begränsat antal till detta specialpris! Gäller endast inneliggande lager

Human eye can see up to 180 degrees angle of view, which is similar to the angle of view of circular fisheye lens. But human eye can only see well up 50 degrees angle of view, which is similar to the angle of view of standard lens. The image becomes blurry further you get away from the 50 degrees angle of view. Generally speaking, one can only see good enough maybe up to 70 degrees angle of view (=28mm on 35mm format equivalent). If you use the “VF-X21,” then you will be able to see wider angle of view than that of the human eye, crisp and sharp. It surely will be a refreshing experience.

More importantly, The finder image of “VF-X21” is bright. Really bright. Brighter than the OVF of X-Pro2 or X100T for that matter. It is also brighter than any DSLR finder.

If you look through the “VF-X21”, you may be fool to think as if your eyesight had suddenly gotten better. You will also be reminded on the simple fact that the finder is a group of lenses that accumulate light and let you view things clearly.

Construction of VF-X21

The finders of X-Pro2 and X100T are excellent finders that comes with “Functionality”. Not only you will see the through-the-view images, other information are also displayed, which is achieved by utilizing half prism and LCD panel.  But if the images goes through half prism, it means that the light gets cut by “half” literally.

Similarly, you do not see the 100% of light in the finder of DSLRs. The light is dependent of the lens attached to the camera body for the DSLRs. If you use F1.2 or F1.4 lens, then the view will be bright, but it becomes darker once you start using F2.8 or F4 lens.  The light gets cut by “half” accordingly to the F number.

And in the finder of DSLR, there is the “PN LCD”, that is used to check the focus and to display information within the finder. Once the light goes through the “PN LCD”, then certain amount of light gets cut.

Comparison of Finder image brightness

As you know by now, “VF-X21” is a finder that specializes in accumulating the light. You will not see any information displayed, but it lets you to concentrate on the scenery in front of you. This is one of the basics in photography that will make your shooting pleasurable. You cannot check focus, exposure, or WB like the EVF.


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